Smart Society

Smart Society ensures that the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region is attractive, sustainable and fair. Urbanisation is an opportunity to include all members of society and balance social structures. Smart and participative strategic models create resilience and take responsibility for society and the environment in the wake of structural change caused by digital and global transformation. Smart Society deals with the social and societal aspects of technical innovation. Social conditions, consequences, and strategic options for complex urban transformation processes are explored in this research area.

Smart Society involves developing processes that consider different interests and value systems in urban planning. It also entails new and participative approaches to managing and implementing decentralised forms of urban production and distribution in the city while considering the needs of all stakeholders in urban society, including industry, local government, cultural organisations, civil society and social welfare organisations.

Core Competencies

  • Business and economics
  • Sociology of labour and technology
  • Technology and innovation management
  • Sustainability














Markus Beckmann
Provisional Head of Chair for
Technology Management